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            Sri Lanka Visa

Sri Lanka Visa

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Mengisi Sri Lanka visa pelancong borang permohonan dalam talian

dan memberikan salinan digital dari dokumen-dokumen berikut:

Pasport Malaysia yang bertandatangan asli dengan baki tempoh sah 6 bulan..
Itinerary. Copy of round trip tickets or itinerary.
Foreign Exchange or Credit Card copy. Applicant must provide Foreign Exchange or Credit Card copy
Negative COVID-19 test result. An applicant must provide a negative PCR Covid 19 test 72 hours before arrival. You also will be tested again upon arrival. A third test will be given on day 7.
Travelers must stay within one of 52 properties for the first 14 days of their trip .
No preferential treatment will be given to travelers who have been vaccinated. All travelers including those who have been vaccinated must follow the Covid testing rules and stay at designated hotels for the first 14 days.
All travelers will be required to complete a health declaration form upon arrival that states they are not suffering from symptoms of Covid-19. Temperature upon arrival will also be recorded.
All travelers must be able to provide proof of a round trip plane ticket and sufficient funds to cover expenses while in Sri Lanka.
Any nationals, who have been in UK during last 14 days are not allowed to enter Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka visa pelancong bayaran untuk warganegara Malaysia

Kemasukan Dua Kali
  • Tempoh: up to 6 months
  • Pemprosesan: Same day
  • Kos keseluruhan: 84.00 
    Sri Lanka bantuan visa
    Cost calculation
    Bayaran kedutaan: 35.00 Pemprosesan: 49.00: 0.00 Kos keseluruhan: 84.00
Sri Lanka untuk warganegara Malaysia diperlukan. Untuk maklumat lanjut sila hubungi terdekat Sri Lanka kedutaan.

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Sri Lanka Visa
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