Ukraine Visa

Ukraine Visa

permanent resident?
Tourist E-visa
Visa pelancong
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Visa perniagaan

You cannot apply later than 11 business days prior to the intended date of entry.

Mengisi Ukraine tourist e-visa borang permohonan dalam talian

dan memberikan salinan digital dari dokumen-dokumen berikut:

Passport. Copy of the passport document pages, containing personal data.
Photograph. One recent passport-size photograph.
Proof of funds. Evidence of financial arrangements made for the duration of your stay in Ukraine.
Health insurance. A valid medical insurance policy with coverage of at least 30000 Euro or its equivalent in other currency.
Tourist Voucher (Invitation). Copy of tourist voucher (invitation) issued by tourist company or hotel reservation in Ukraine.
One of the documents confirming the availability of sufficient funds is the following:

• a document confirming payment for accommodation and dining in Ukraine;

• a letter of guarantee from the inviting party, that it undertakes the commitments on payment of all costs relating to the foreigner`s stay in and exit from the territory of Ukraine;

• a fixed date ticket for return to the state of nationality or to the state of permanent residence or to the third state.

Ukraine tourist e-visa bayaran untuk warganegara Malaysia

Kemasukan Sekali
  • Tempoh: up to 1 month
  • Pemprosesan: 9 hari perniagaan
  • Kos keseluruhan:
Tempoh menetap maksimum di Ukraine: 30 days Ukraine bantuan visa
Tempoh menetap maksimum di Ukraine: 30 days Ukraine bantuan visa
Ukraine untuk warganegara Malaysia diperlukan. Untuk maklumat lanjut sila hubungi terdekat Ukraine kedutaan.

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